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About us
     Korea is a raiding guild that is looking for members who want to really be on the top and aren't afraid to work for it. We want members of all spectrum's no matter age/race/gender, we also ask for a
constant sense of responsibility, honor, and intelligence.  Korea is a drama free guild and making negative statements during raids only hurt the group as the whole. "IF you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all." Either further training or core raiding spots will be taken away for repeat failures so do the best you can do at all raids!

Loot rules

Need before greed, but you are expected to help your guild comrades if they need it more then you. We are not looking for people to just come in and get gear and leave, we want a fully functional team that is willing to help each other out which in the end will help you your self get geared faster.

Either if your leveling up from 60 or if you have a question about enchanting, or anything else we are here to make you better to make us better. The point is to get everyone to level eighty ready to raid and geared up with knowledge
of not only current content but content ahead I.E. CATACLYSM. If you shall have any question or concerns guild officers will be there to answer them.

There will also be fun stuff to do with the guild on non raiding days including but not limited too; raiding old content, storming other factions city's, leveling alts and achievments, pvp,  and getting new mounts/pets. Vent will be for
raiding but will also be open for just hanging out and talking.
About you
We are looking for people first and foremost that know their class and know their class well. MUST be level 60-80. If you're not level 80 that's OKAY. We will help you level and get geared.
If you ARE eighty we need core raiders as soon as possible willing to wait as we fill in the gaps. This is a newly formed guild so their is definitely room for advancement and responsibility as trust and comradeship is
grown with new members. Want to know a guild grew and flourished because of you? Then maybe this guild is what your looking for. If you want to jump in and have a fully structured 25 man ICC then maybe not.

-You are expected to be on time to raids.
-Be attentive to calander and guild events.
-Communication with officers is key, we are ALWAYS there to help or discuss.
-You are expected to study and know fights for guild progression and gear advancement.

We are currently recruiting:
- ICC 10
- ToC 10/25
- Ony 10
- VoA 10

Looking for ALL classes and specs.
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GenshiWoah, May 17, 10 4:35 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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